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Welcome to the Arkwright Scholarships Trust

The Arkwright Scholarships Trust is a registered charity that administers the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its type in the UK.

We identify, inspire and nurture future leaders in Engineering and technical (as opposed to aesthetic) Design. We do this by awarding Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, through a rigorous selection process, to high-calibre students in year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), year 12 (Northern Ireland). Our Engineering Scholarships support students through their A Levels or Scottish Highers and encourage students to pursue Engineering or technical Design at university or through a higher-level apprenticeship and to take up careers in the field.

2012 Award Ceremony

The 2014 Awards Ceremonies. 1450 guests over five ceremonies in London and Glasgow. 410 new sixth form Scholars and 7 new Undergraduate Scholars appointed from across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Every Scholarship is sponsored by industrial companies, universities, charitable trusts, trade associations, professional engineering institutions, the Armed Services, Worshipful Companies, industry regulators or personal donors.

We are a small charity and rely on the support of organisations and individuals who believe that the quality of young people entering careers in Engineering and technical Design is as important as the quantity.

Do you work for an organisations that believes in the need to identify, inspire and nurture the very best students to be the UK's future leaders in Engineering and technical Design? If so, then please encourage your employer to support our work with direct sponsorship of an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship or through a general donation. Further details can be found in the Sponsors section of our website.

Financial support from individuals is also welcomed. We already have a number of people funding their own Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Why not join them and put something very directly back into the new engineering generation? We welcome general donations via our Virgin Money Giving webpage or speak to us on 01926 333210 about direct sponsorship of a Scholarship.

Arkwright Scholarships Trust is a registered charity
Charity No. 1091988
Registered in England and Wales No. 4401993

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