Arkwright Scholarships


What is an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship?

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession.

The Scholarships are awarded to high-calibre 16 year old students through a rigorous selection process and support students through the two years of their A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or equivalent qualifications.

Every Scholarship is sponsored by a commercial company, trade association, university, professional institution, armed service, government organisation, worshipful company,  charitable trust or personal donor. This means that support is offered in various different ways, for example, valuable hands-on work experience, support for your curriculum project and a personal mentor who can help you with aspects of your studies and career planning.

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Benefits for Scholars

Who can Apply

Benefits for Scholars

  • Nationally-recognised Scholarship
  • £600 personal financial award
  • £400 school financial award
  • Personal development
  • Support from your Sponsor
  • Industry-based engineering experience days
  • University-based VIP Receptions
  • Early notification of national competitions
  • Network with like-minded students

Meet our scholars

Jess Bestwick
Aeronautical Engineering

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship gave me an insight into the world of engineering and showed that what I was learning was relevant to a range of technical careers in industry.

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How to apply? 

Your school must be affiliated to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and you must be within a certain age bracket before you can apply for a Scholarship. If your school is not affiliated ask your teacher to complete the school affiliation form. Affiliation is quick, simple and FREE.

Once your online application has been submitted, you will sit the Arkwright aptitude exam in your school. If you are successful in the exam you will be invited to the interview stage. If you are then successful in the 20 minute interview, you’ll be matched to an available Scholarship.

How to Apply