Video Hardware/Software

Sumit Rai

When I first heard about the Arkwright Scholarships I was excited, but surprised, to hear that such a scholarship existed for technically-minded students. I entered the written exam and was overjoyed when I found out I’d been shortlisted for an interview. I remember working many late nights to ensure my electronics project was going to be ready for the big interview. When I arrived I met all the other candidates and we took part in a series of business and engineering challenges in the morning.

"...every time I present at a trade show or talk at a conference I remember the Arkwright Scholarships..."

Even though it was so long ago, I remember the interview well and was delighted when I was awarded a Scholarship. Much to my surprise, that same year 4 Scholars were picked out as the top Scholars nationally and I was one of them. I hadn’t ever achieved anything like this at school for any other subject. So to be selected in this way was a huge honour. After university I worked as Chief Software Engineer for Twenty First Century Communications, and Chief Technology Officer at Pukka Films where I developed and created an award-winning online video approval system.

At 22, I founded Kulu Valley, a company that designs and builds software and hardware, such as the 'Mini studio' video communication equipment, used by hundreds of bluechip companies including Apple, RBS, Pfizer and Lloyds Bank.

I am passionate about film direction and editing, and have worked with major brands such as Nike and Gillette to launch highly successful experiential marketing campaigns using Kulu Valley’s technology.

I am now considered an expert in visual effects and have worked on many TV and film productions. I was special effects supervisor for Katie Melua’s 2010 music video “A Happy Place”. Going through the Arkwright selection process and being able to show my project to others with an interest in electronics equal to mine, was a life changing experience. Even now, every time I present at a trade show or talk at a conference I remember the Arkwright Scholarships, not just for the financial assistance provided, but for that first experience of having to present and explain my ideas. 

Arkwright Scholar 1996 - 1998


Maths, Design & Technology, Electronics

University College London (UCL), Computer Science

Chief Executive, Kulu Valley