Electricity Utility

Matthew Rivett

From a very young age I’ve always been someone who likes to explore how things work, the way they are constructed and how I can improve them. My passion for 'tinkering' grew once I progressed to High School and with a deeper understanding of Physics I knew that I wanted to become an Engineer.

"It is great to see the enthusiasm for engineering that Arkwright promotes, and I fully support the work that Matt does to hand this on to the next generation of young potential engineers."

Deborah Cox, Line Manager, National Grid

After hearing about the Arkwright Scholarships through a former teacher, my secondary school supported me through the application process, something which I found to be a very valuable experience. After receiving news that I’d been successful in obtaining an Arkwright Scholarship, I had no idea how much of a boost this would offer me in my future endeavours. Many large organisations now support the Arkwright Scholarships Trust and National Grid has sponsored a number of Scholars in recent years. Most employers will look favourably upon candidates who can demonstrate that they have achieved this great accolade.

Through the funding, trips, activities and contacts that an Arkwright Scholarship brings, these have enabled me to progress well throughout my time at High School and University but have also certainly been a contributing factor when being offered jobs after completing my degree. I now work within the Outage Planning Department at National Grid.

This role involves using complex Power Systems analysis software to determine how outages on the High Voltage Transmission System affect the flow of electricity in the UK. Part of my job is to provide accurate information to others in my department so that we may deliver an economic and secure outage plan to the Electricity National Control Centre - it’s our job to help keep the country’s lights on!

Other activities that I’m involved in include being an active STEM Ambassador, mentoring current Arkwright Engineering Scholars and taking part in numerous careers fairs attended by National Grid. This year I enthused students, teachers and parents at the Big Bang Fair. I also continue to support Arkwright through interviewing potential Scholars and attending the Scholarships Awards Ceremonies.

My crowning achievement to date is to have been chosen to be part of the latest exhibition at the London Science Museum, where I was lucky enough to meet HRH Prince Charles. I’ve also recently started studying towards my MSc which is being fully funded by National Grid. I hope to continue to build on my knowledge of Engineering with the aim of working abroad in the future.

It’s fantastic how much obtaining an Arkwright Scholarship has boosted my opportunities, through High School, university and graduate employment. 

Arkwright Scholar 2005-2007

The Len Giles Trust

Physics, Product Design, Business Studies; Maths AS

Coventry University, BEng Electrical Systems Engineering

Power Systems Support Engineer, National Grid