Nuclear Industry (Electrical)

Mark Sisson

The Arkwright Scholarship has played a huge part in my career journey. Being awarded the Scholarship in 2002 sparked my initial interest in Engineering. Having my eyes opened to what was out there by my sponsor, the Lloyds Register Foundation, and the advice of my parents then led me to choose the apprenticeship route over university.

"Mark’s technical competence has seen him implement various innovative solutions to complex technical problems, both in response to plant issues and delivering improvement activities. In his current role Mark will further develop his leadership skills and behavioural competencies." 

Spencer McGlennon, Maintenance Manager for HALES 

I was accepted onto a GEN2 apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering based in Cumbria. This is a four-year programme of college-based learning and hands-on experience, with the final section of the apprenticeship being in full time employment with a company. I was selected to complete my apprenticeship with Sellafield Ltd. Upon completion of my apprenticeship I was offered a permanent position as an Electrical & Instrumentation Craftsperson working on the Sellafield site.

During my apprenticeship I passed my ONC and HNC in Electrical Engineering. Once I was a staff member at Sellafield I was selected to be part of the Plant Engineer Training Scheme which included education to Ordinary Degree Level. I was then sponsored through an Honours Degree and then a Masters Degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Lancaster University, where I gained a Merit in my Masters.

All these higher education courses have been carried out on part-time basis, while I continued to be fully paid for my role at Sellafield. Alongside the educational qualifications I have also secured a number of promotions over the years. I have gone from being an apprentice in 2002 to now being the Maintenance Support Manager for a high hazard facility on the Sellafield site. Sellafield Ltd has been fantastic in its support of me, and it was the Arkwright Scholarship on my CV which provided the solid foundation for this support.

Over the years the Arkwright tie pin has been noticed on numerous occasions and always reflected positively on myself. As part of my ongoing commitment to the Arkwright Scholarship I am a mentor to a current Arkwright Scholar - I feel it important that I give something back.

I have always strived to do the best job possible in everything I do and to not give up on my goals. My aim has always been to become a Chartered Engineer and now that I have my Masters Degree, and almost 10 years working in the field, that aim should be recognised in the very near future as I have my interview for Chartered Engineer status in the coming months.

Arkwright Scholar 2002 - 2004

The Lloyd's Register Foundation

Maths, Physics, Design & Technology

GEN2 Apprentice in Electrical Engineering

Current Position:
Maintenance Support Manager
Sellafield Ltd