Emily Green

Throughout high school I always enjoyed technical subjects and maths. Being able to combine these subjects is what drove me towards a career in engineering. I got involved in Arkwright through my teacher telling me about it. I had never heard of it and was one of the first group taking part from my school. Doing more research into it, I decided this would help me towards my goal of being an engineer. I was the first person in my school to receive this scholarship which was a great achievement.

How did you use your Scholarship funding? 

I used my scholarship funding to support my studies during high school. It allowed me to buy revision materials and supplies for my coursework, including a set of Winston and Newton Promaker’s and a digital drawing board. Both have been useful for my degree. 

What did you gain from your Arkwright Scholarship? (Any stand-out experiences? Did it open any doors for you?)

My Arkwright Scholarship allowed me to explore what branch of engineering I wanted to go on to study. I attended an EDT Headstart course which was fully funded by Arkwright. Throughout my scholarship, I gained confidence to apply to universities despite not having the best marks in my exams and without it I would not be completing a master’s degree. 

Where are you studying now, what subject, and how you are finding it so far?

I am currently in my final few months of a master’s degree in Mechanical Electronic Systems Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University. I have really enjoyed the last 5 year of this degree and enjoyed the variety of modules being taught in the course. During my degree, I travelled to Saarbrücken, Germany for a summer school. This was a project with students from other universities across Europe. I have had the chance to give talks to primary and secondary students about engineering and even chatted to the chairmen of Weir group about a project I am currently working on.

What are your plans for the future? What career path are you hoping to pursue?

As I am coming to the final months of my degree, I have been applying for various graduate programmes. In this graduate programme, I am looking at being able to apply my knowledge from degree with my passion for design and manufacturing.

Any advice to current Scholars and / or students thinking of applying to Arkwright?

My advice is that this scholarship will open so many doors for you and give you the confidence to pursue a career in engineering. Once you have the scholarship, take up all the opportunities that Arkwright scholarship has. It will help you to determine what branch of engineering you want to focus on. All of these opportunities helped me to decide on mechanical engineering.  


Arkwright Scholar 2015-2017

Glasgow University

Maths, English, Physics, Graphic Communication, Music

MEng Mechanical Electronic Systems Engineering, Glasgow Caledonian University

Graduate Mechanical and Sustainable Engineer at Kilbryde Consulting Engineers.