Marine Architecture

Dan Alldis

My initial career ambition was to be an engineer in the Royal Navy. I passed RN selection and was offered a place at Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College. Whilst applying for the RN I also applied for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship and was lucky enough to secure the Scholarship, sponsored by The Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

"Dan is a key part of a start-up micro SME where his ability to perform is tested in a much wider range of roles than is usual for a graduate engineer. He passes these challenges with flying colours – he is a great ambassador for the Arkwright Scholarships."

David Maclean, Director, MOST (Autonomous Vessels) Ltd

My Sponsor not only provided me with financial support towards my A Level studies, but also gave me invaluable advice when I was unable to carry on my career with the Royal Navy due to an injury sustained at Welbeck DSFC. With guidance from my Sponsor, I chose to study Yacht & Powercraft Design at Southampton Solent University.

This was an amazing course - a great mix of the ‘nitty gritty’ of Structures and Naval Architecture, with the handson boat building aspects needed in small craft design. For my final year dissertation, I designed a 72ft Mini-Maxi Carbon race yacht, drawing upon all I had learnt from the course. I specialised in Velocity Prediction Programming (VPP), working hard to design the fastest hull shape, whilst keeping the IRC rating as low as possible.

After graduating, I took a gamble and joined a small start-up business in Chichester. MOST (AV) Ltd design, manufacture and deliver AutoNaut, an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV). 

AutoNaut is wave propelled, using the ‘motion from the ocean’ to push her forwards. AutoNaut can be used as a data collection platform in many industries including scientific research, oil & gas and defence & security.

I am now in charge of the design and build of AutoNauts. I am responsible for the Naval Architecture, hull design and R&D tasks within the company. I have also taken responsibility for the deployment and piloting of AutoNaut when on missions, traveling all over the world with our vessels!

I have great ambitions - I was recently awarded a UKNEST Scholarship, for those looking to work in the Naval Defence sector. This is helping to fund my further learning towards CEng status. I am also keen to communicate the excitement of a career in engineering to young people. I set up a partnership with a school to collaborate on engineering research projects, inspiring young people to become the engineers of the future. I have recently been asked to advise the National Centre for Engineering and Science Research in Schools. To ‘give something back’ to the Arkwright Scholarship that helped start my career, I have just helped to interview the new scholarship candidates.

Without Arkwright and The Lloyd's Register Foundation's invaluable support I would not be as successful in my career as I am now.

Arkwright Scholar 2004 - 2006

The Lloyd's Register Foundation

Maths, Physics, Design & Technology

Southampton Solent University, BEng Yacht & Powercraft Design

Naval Architect, MOST (Autonomous Vessels) Ltd