Arunima Unde

I applied for an Arkwright Scholarships as it was the first time I had ever seen any scholarship or award related to engineering, so I was keen to just give it a shot. As an avid Formula One fan and car enthusiast, being an Arkwright Scholar is totally a dream come true for me. I couldn’t quite believe that McLaren Racing was my sponsor – I was absolutely thrilled!

So far, I have worked on building an experimental model- scale wind tunnel which will be able to quantitatively test and visualise airflow using load cells and an Arduino. I have used my scholarship funding for materials and equipment to complete this project to a high standard. I also purchased some engineering books to expand my knowledge beyond the subjects we learn at school.

A personal highlight for me is my mentor being a design engineer at McLaren Racing! I really enjoy hearing about his experiences at Formula One race weekends, and I am in awe when he details the work that goes behind each race. I had the opportunity to visit the McLaren Technology Centre twice as an Arkwright Scholar, getting to see the engineering rigour and meticulous detail behind their car design, and was able to meet my mentor in person!

On my connect days, I attended engineering course taster sessions at University of Nottingham where we worked in teams to complete hands – on tasks led by professors. My personal favourite being the Product Design Engineering workshop. The day also included a tour around the fantastic facility where we learnt about new cutting-edge technologies utilised in industry.

When I take a step back and reflect, it’s amazing to even think about. An Arkwright Scholarship really is the most amazing opportunity, it opens so many doors for your future, and provides the confidence needed for the next step in your life. So, if you’re thinking of applying? Go for it!

Arkwright Scholar 2022