Arkwright Alumnus Talks Degree Apprenticeships

17 April 2020

“I’m Josh Routh - Arkwright Alumnus and Nuclear Engineering Degree Apprentice at BAE Systems.

I was originally set on going to university, but I then found out about degree apprenticeships. Very quickly, I realised that they were for me, especially when I found out that they would allow me to get a 'paid for' degree and get paid whilst I was doing it!

My degree is in nuclear engineering and my apprenticeship is with BAE Systems submarines. The apprenticeship is a 5 year scheme and I am at university on Mondays and rotational work placements in different areas of the business during the week. The reason that I chose BAE Systems submarines is because of the importance of the product and its complexity.

I am really enjoying my scheme so far and I am nearing the end of my first placement in Nuclear Discipline Skills and Capability (NDSC). The NDSC team focus on the governance of training, the management of the baseline and the assurance of experience and competency.

There are plenty of benefits of doing a degree apprenticeship, the main one is that you can 'earn whilst you learn'. You also gain invaluable hands-on experience from the business which your apprenticeship is with. I look forward to completing my degree apprenticeship and seeing where it takes me in the future!

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly valid alternative to university and can be found in a whole range of different STEM industries. I highly recommend a degree apprenticeship as an option to Arkwright Engineering Scholars.”