Prove your Ability!

Once each Applicant's scores from the online application and aptitude exam are calculated and compared, the top-scoring Applicants go forward to the stage 3 - a twenty-minute interview.

Interview events are hosted at top universities across the UK (see the map on the right). At each event, up to 50 Applicants and their parents are invited to attend. The day consists of:

  • Welcome, with a presentation about Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and a presentation about engineering as it is taught at the host university
  • A tour of the university's engineering facilities for Applicants and their parents
  • A team challenge activity for the Applicants in teams of 5/6 students. This part of the day is not assessed by Arkwright but is a way to provide the Applicants with a valuable learning experience as well as keeping then occupied while we interview them all
  • During the team challenge activity, the attending parents may be offered a parallel programme of presentations about student finance, accommodation etc (this is not offered at every host university)
  • During the team challenge activity, each team of 5/6 students is taken out in turn, in order for each Applicant to have their personal 20-minute Arkwright selection interview.

A detailed briefing is provided to each Applicant who reaches the interview stage, in order to prepare them for the interview. A central part of each interview is a discussion about a practical project that the Applicant has done and has, ideally, brought along to show the Interviewers.




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