Example Projects

Projects - the key to Arkwright success!

All Scholarship candidates must show their flair and engineering knowledge through practical project work they have done, that demonstrates their own creativity and innovation and not just their ability to follow instructions to assemble a pre-designed product.

During their on-line application, candidates must briefly discuss a project they have completed, or are currently working on. If they are successful at reaching the interview stage, candidates may present up to two practical projects at interview.

Candidates' practical project(s) may be:

  • A GCSE / Scottish National 5 / BTEC Level 2 curriculum project
  • An extra-curricular school project (e.g. something completed in a lunch-time Science & Engineering Club)
  • A project they have done away from school such as at home or Scouts/Guides.

The project(s) are fundamental to a successful Scholarship application. Candidates who cannot demonstrate their flair, creativity and engineering knowledge through practical project work will be disadvantaged in the rigorous selection process.

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships is conscious that some students wishing to apply for a Scholarship do not have the opportunity to conduct practical work at school, either in class or as an extra-curricular activity. This webpage therefore presents some home project ideas for these candidates, and for candidates who want to stretch themselves with a personal project beyond the project they may be doing in school.

Suggested Project Ideas

Perhaps the most powerful resource of project ideas is the Instructables website where you could spend many hours looking through the 1000s of ideas for a suitable project!

Go to the Instructables Website

 To save you some time, below we list some good projects that the Arkwright team has spotted on the Instructables website. All these projects are a good starting point for an Arkwright project. Some may be simplistic and will require you to expand and enhance them; some may be very complex, requiring you to simplify them!





Points to Note

  • The projects listed above are not mandatory for your Arkwright application, any other project is fine.
  • There is no advantage in using any of the suggested Instructables projects over any other project. Your version of these projects will be assessed in exactly the same way as every other project presented to us by a Scholarship candidate. You are no more, or less, likely to be offered a Scholarship simply because you have based your project on one of the ideas on this webpage in preference to something else.
  • These projects are simply offered to you as an option, if you feel that you will lack another project of the quality required for an Arkwright application.
  • Just completing one of these project as per the instructions is not enough – the Arkwright assessors need to see your independent thought and your refinement/simplification/enhancement of the project ideas to make a project that is uniquely yours.

The Arkwright team wishes you the very best of luck with your project(s), wherever your inspiration comes from!