Example Projects

Projects - the key to Arkwright success!

Every year we ask those who apply for an Arkwright Scholarship to tell us, within their application, about a project they have undertaken. Once you have been nominated by your teacher you will see this request in part 4 of the online form.

All Scholarship candidates must show their flair and engineering knowledge through practical project work they have done, that demonstrates their own creativity and innovation and not just their ability to follow instructions to assemble a pre-designed product.

Candidates' practical project(s) may be:

  • A GCSE / Scottish National 5 / BTEC Level 2 curriculum project
  • An extra-curricular school project (e.g. something completed in a lunch-time Science & Engineering Club)
  • A project you have done away from school such as at home or Scouts/Guides.

The project(s) are fundamental to a successful Scholarship application. Candidates who cannot demonstrate their flair, creativity and engineering knowledge through practical project work will be disadvantaged in the rigorous selection process.

Exemplar Projects

We know that this part of the application can sometimes raise concerns among applicants about the suitability of their project, and whether to include it.

In an effort to provide guidance on this part of the application, you will find links below to a wide range of examples of previous applicants’ projects, along with the marker’s comments. We have tried to include a diverse range, both in terms of the nature of the project and the mark gained by the applicant. We have not included the mark.

It should be noted that the markers are looking for your aptitude for engineering in this section as well as your ability to critically evaluate your own work; the project, therefore doesn’t need to be a complex one as it is what is written about it that counts. However, a more involved project can often gain higher marks.

We strongly recommend that you read through these examples before completing part 4.

Applicant 1 - A Drone

Applicant 2 - A VEX Robot

Applicant 3 - A Re-work of a Railway System

Applicant 4 - A Computer Science Project

Applicant 5 - A Foot Stool

Applicant 6 - An Electrically Powered Buggy

Applicant 7 - Golf Chipping Target

Applicant 8 - A 3D Printer

Applicant 9 - Hyperloop / Low Friction Transportation

Applicant 10 - A Can Crusher